Back in the swing

It has been months since my last post.  I suppose I should give credit to a student of mine for inspiring me to come back to wordpress.  Check her work out as “Written in the pages”, where she is completing a thirty day challenge.

This is the eighth month of being home.  It is now like last year never happened.  A distant memory that I know I will look back with fondness some day.  I did make some beautiful friends, something I will always be grateful for, and perhaps even worth the torture…

On home soil there is a familiar comfort that surrounds me.  It is like the air is easier to breath.

I would like to write more. I think I need to do a thirty day challenge too, to get me started. I will take a page out of Matt Cutts book, as seen on  If only to say “I am a novelist” in conversations!



This is my student’s blog. She would love as much feedback on her writing as possible. Please take some time to browse her blog and respond. Thanks so much!


Do you believe in fate?

Tonight I watched “Sliding doors” for the first time since I saw it back in the nineties.  I had liked it then.  Now I see the faults.  The poor acting, the poor editing, the dated music… However the concept of parallel lives that end in the same fate through different paths, interests me. 

Do I think it possible?  I don’t think so.

Think about the people around you that mean the most.  Those that aren’t tied to you by blood.  If events had occurred differently do you think you would have met them anyway?

I can only look at my own circumstance. 

If I had taken the first teaching job that was offered to me, I would never have gone to country Victoria and met Stuart.  

If I had not applied for that job, or won that job, how would I have met him?

If he had left to go back to his family in Warrnambool. 

If he had not been coerced into doing that musical.

If I had not agreed to help out with that musical.

If I didn’t call him.

If he hadn’t answered

If I had thrown him out 

If he had left.

There are so many factors involved in our every day lives, who is to know when one action may change the entire direction of it.  

The question still stands though.  If all of it had never happened, would something else have drawn us together anyway?

Believing such a thing sounds incredibly egotistical.  Believing that you are so important that the world will turn a certain way in order for you to meet the right people?

Fate is lazy.  Fate is believing you don’t have to try.  Fate is accepting that what happens to you was meant to be.  

Meant to be.  

What does that mean?  

Again it is so egotistical to think that what happens to one person is so significant in the scheme of everything, that it was actually “Meant to be”.

I am not saying I don’t value myself, or my contribution to the world.  I do.  It is the fact that I make what happens to me “happen”.

When we consider how much in our lives we have control over, there is much that we can decide, that we can change, that we determine.  Of course there are exceptions of people born into situations where the control and the choices they have are more limited.

However my choice has been limited mainly by my own decisions.  I don’t believe my fate is pre-determined.  I don’t believe there is a path mapped out just for me.  I have the ability to change the course of my life at any point.  

There are however factors I do not have control over, and these factors can change everything at any time.  It is then that the idea of fate becomes a comforting thought.  The idea that “this change was not in my plans, but let’s run with it, because there is some force that is pushing us in this direction for a reason”.  That is it isn’t it.  That we all want to believe there is a reason for our existence.  That is why fate is such a tempting comfort.

Perhaps I would have met him.  Our paths would cross somewhere.  It is a romantic notion to think that our union was written in the stars.  

Hollywood has a lot to answer for…

Gwyneth eat something.

Holidays are over

The end of our summer holiday is coming to a close. Conflicting feelings are emerging into an irritation I can’t explain.
I am ready to go back to work. I need more mental stimulation, routine and let’s face it, money. But I am not sure I am ready to give up everything else I find so pleasurable during the holidays.
These have been different holidays for us. A big move back home and other crazy moments that have eaten our time, but it has been good to be together. I feel like I really know my children. I feel I have spent more time with them than with anyone else these past six weeks. Most of this has been positive, but as the time comes to an end, their ability to amuse themselves and cope with the company of each other and me, is showing limitations. Although they are too scared to say “I’m bored”, because I will give them a job to do, sweeping the pergola, cleaning out the car, weeding the garden, etc. I know that this is what they are often thinking. We have spent much time at home especially lately. At least they will be looking forward to going to school.
I remember feeling that way when I was young. I couldn’t wait for school to start, so that I might do something more interesting than being at home. Not that we stayed home every holiday, but days always feel longer when activities are limited. That was the first sign I had that I was getting older. The holidays were too short.
Now the holidays are getting longer (does that mean I am getting younger) and I almost want them to end so that the kids can be entertained, but that also means that I am back at work. That I have to do what I feel so out of practise in doing.
Today my head was full of mazes that have no end as I attempted to decipher the curriculum that I will be teaching this year. I know I will be fine, but I want to be organised and certain that I am doing what is right.
So the end of sleep ins and lazy days as I embark on the old, but new and my children find an end to boredom, at least for a little while.

Reading, pingbacks and sarcasm

So the latest Blogging 101 assignment was to write a post about a post that you have recently commented on.
I commented on two posts about very similar things. They were about writing for your dream reader and how the reader they really want to write for is themselves.
Check out


I am still unsure of how to do ping backs, so still learning and I hope you can see their posts from here.


I agreed with both of these lovely ladies.  I primarily write for myself.  If others read it that’s great, and I cannot hide the excitement I feel when I get a comment or a like on my page, knowing that someone has read what I have written.  But like I said to one, I also write to better understand myself.  Some days I do.  I mean some days I understand myself better.  Other days I share a part of myself that I wasn’t there before I sat down to write.  A simple spilling of my mind to discover another aspect of who I am.  So my initial sarcastic post about my dream reader, at least the introduction of it, seems childish now.  By the way, sarcasm is very difficult to write.  Do you agree?

After re-reading my dream blogger post I thought I probably sound conceited.  I did not mean to.  Similarly I wrote on my about page that I like long walks on the beach.  I do, but I was being cliche and sarcastic.  I realised that this may not be recognised as such when it was commented on in an honest way.


So Yes thank you Sophie and Brittabottle?  for inspiring me to write this post.  Keep writing, reading, inspiring and laughing. (no sarcastic intention present there).





Read this, it could be for you…

My Dream reader,
This is the latest challenge in “Blogging 101”, to create a post for our dream reader. Perhaps you are that person. I thank you for taking the time to read my post. I cannot wait for you to respond and recognise my enormous talent as a writer. I cannot wait for you to contact me with offers of commissioning a collection of work of mine…
Of course that is after you read my brilliance, so I suppose I had better produce some.
I’m not sure I can…
So you may stop reading. But if by chance you still are I am going to share a story. This is a piece of Utopian fiction I wrote last year. It was suggested that I extend it. A short teenage fiction novelette perhaps? I’d love to hear your thoughts, even if you don’t want to publish me! Enjoy.


September 12 2076

Dear Diary,

Today is an annual holiday to mark global peace. Historical air sights say that on this day fifty years ago the world was gridlocked in a possible World war, however our great leader, Godot, was determined not to allow that to happen. His wisdom and advanced powers of persuasion convinced all nations around the world to put aside their weapons of mass destruction and fight for a common good, the good of humanity.


I am unsure of what that word truly means. I am fifteen and living in an environment that anything is possible, yet nothing really exists. I know that doesn’t seem to make sense, so allow me to elaborate by sharing with you my day.

I live with my Mother and her two lovers. My Father is a “unique one” and is required to live at the Dome where he can assist with the renewal of life. He is very important to the future, I am lucky to have been born from his seed. Some of my friends weren’t so lucky.

Today I woke at 5 Centrehour and switched on my room. Today I opted for the beach. It was a little windy today. After selecting my uniform I cleansed in our hydrating room. The hydrating room needed cleaning after that and I had to press three buttons before I heard the wooshing of the detergent cleaning it. We really need a new one.

When I reentered my room I changed the mode to cafe and sat down for breakfast. Julie was there too. We always meet up in our cafes at the same time. So Julie’s hologram and I chatted about what we were going to do at school while we ate our flavoured protein.

Julie told me she has a crush on Zac. He’s in our history class. I suppose he’s okay, but not my type. I like Sophie better. Our teacher Mr Anderson, said that there was once a time when same sex couples were frowned upon. That’s when I think that surely the history air sights are exaggerating.

After breakfast I had a conference with Mum. She said she was leaving the flat today to see Charles. Charles is my Grandfather. Why she doesn’t just conference with him I don’t know, but she likes to go outside at least once a week and Charles is her excuse to do this.

For me I don’t like to go outside often. I don’t need to anyway. Everything I have is here.

At 9 Centrehour I put on my school glasseyes. We began with “Impulse” learning where a stream of images are projected on the glasseyes accompanied by huge amounts of information. Then it was my turn. The task was to select and drag important images to the correct airspace to show the depth of my understanding. Babies work really. After that it was time for exercise and vitamin intake. I turned on the sun in my room. Sophie, Julie, Zac and a few other student holograms joined me in a virtual game of basketball. Sophie smiled at me a couple of times. I really wanted to put my arm around her when we won, but hologram touching just doesn’t feel real.

I suppose that’s where my question of humanity starts. When we are surrounded by so many, yet surrounded by no one, how do we know we are human. We learn right from wrong, the dos the don’ts, but in reality we have not choice but to do what is right.

Right. Who determines what it right? Mr Anderson said that there was once a thing called religion where people believed in different things. He said that it was the reason for all war. That each of the religions determined what was right or wrong for them. These beliefs disagreed and war resulted.
We are better off all agreeing the same right and wrong. We are all the same and the answers are all the same. It is better this way, isn’t it?

I once got into a blocked airsight. I saw things on it that I didn’t know whether to believe or not. It said that the world was divided. That there were Techs and Non-techs. That this was chosen long ago. I would be classed as a Tech. The Non-techs lead a dirty life outside. A life that has no clear right and wrong. A life that questions.

We are lucky. We are fortunate. I have so much. For the sake of peace, what is right, is right, what is wrong, is wrong. But that doesn’t stop me thinking. For all the gadgets that help me live and learn, not one gadget has infiltrated my private thoughts. Not yet, not that I know of at least.

I need to connect with some one else. Some one real. I am missing a part of me. Every day that part of me gets smaller. It’s only writing this that I can feel it is still there. Still hungry for human contact. Surely that is what humanity is all about. Human contact.

We are not supposed to have human contact with our friends until we are 18. Sophie and I have been chatting on an unregistered airsight. We have decided to meet tonight. With the festivities of Peace Day, no one will notice we are missing. I have been dreaming of this moment for so long.


Who am I and why have I started blogging?

I began this blog just over a year ago. I started it so my friends could share in my adventures as I left my home state to live elsewhere for a year. Now I am blogging for different reasons.

I love to write. I have numerous notebooks filled with scribbles of stories, poems, character details, plot outlines… But nothing that I have bothered to rewrite, edit or flesh out into anything substantial. I am hoping through doing this I will learn new skills and find the inspiration and discipline I need to continue what I love.

I am a mother and a teacher. Now my children are at school I am hoping I will find more time to write. This indulgence is me time.

I have no real ideas about what I would like to write about, but I am hoping that I can come up with a collection of fiction as well as some interesting anecdotal stories.

I hope to link with people of different backgrounds that will be willing to share their knowledge through their blogs and maybe read and comment on mine from time to time.

My ultimate aim is to come away from this experience with a renewed sense of self. I am me and I don’t want to apologise for that.

I hope you enjoy reading and sharing.

Sarah JCJ

Oh and I just want to add: I love long walks on the beach…