This is my student’s blog. She would love as much feedback on her writing as possible. Please take some time to browse her blog and respond. Thanks so much!

Written in the pages...

Hi, just thought I’d explain why I uploaded days three, four and five all tonight.

I try to write the stories on the days they are required to be written, however, I do not always have time and/or ideas to write with. I try my best to write as much as I can each day then go back over them before they are published. I am only one sixteen-year-old girl, please forgive me if I do not upload on time. In saying this I must say that I so not have access to the internet when my stories have been finished, but once I do, uploading them is the first thing on my mind.

Also, the thirty days will all be on weekdays, so my weekends are free for work and/or homework.

Thank you to those of you who take their time to read my work. Also, your comments mean…

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