Back in the swing

It has been months since my last post.  I suppose I should give credit to a student of mine for inspiring me to come back to wordpress.  Check her work out as “Written in the pages”, where she is completing a thirty day challenge.

This is the eighth month of being home.  It is now like last year never happened.  A distant memory that I know I will look back with fondness some day.  I did make some beautiful friends, something I will always be grateful for, and perhaps even worth the torture…

On home soil there is a familiar comfort that surrounds me.  It is like the air is easier to breath.

I would like to write more. I think I need to do a thirty day challenge too, to get me started. I will take a page out of Matt Cutts book, as seen on  If only to say “I am a novelist” in conversations!


2 thoughts on “Back in the swing

  1. Very good. Eugenia Renskoff

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