Made by me.

It was 44 degrees Celsius today in my little part of South Australia. I live in a small coastal town of 10000 that more than triples in the holiday season.
We ventured out to the movies to escape the heat. You know its hot when the seagulls all have their beaks open, that and the sweat on your forehead dries as quick as it is created.
With the town being small the facilities don’t really cater for crowds. Progression is not strong with our council. Therefore the cinema seats a limited number in their old retro seats with vinyl flip up bases.
I felt like I was entering the line up for a rock concert as I waited to pay for tickets. The warning of “you might not be able to sit altogether” was echoed with every customer. A child was passed a bucket as she proceeded to vomit through her long hair and people standing by took a step back, as much as they could considering the crowd, and outstretched their arms with wads of tissues and serviettes. There was a general mutter of “poor thing”, then the doors were opened and she was quickly forgotten as there was a gentle push towards the entrance.
The crowd thinned as I approached the door. I heard heavy sobs of young children and was tempted to look back at the sad scene. Two children in tears with their parents. They had been turned away at the ticket box, all sold out. Sympathetic. Not empathetic. I took the stairs and didn’t look back.
The cinema was crowded and my family was split. I sat with my girl.
The thing about seeing kids movies with your children is not in the movie itself. It is in the sharing of joy. I spent more time sneaking peaks at her face than I did watching the screen. When she laughed I smiled and mentally captured that image to save in my memories. Her eyes would light up in disbelief or wonder and mine would too. The wonder of this little personality that grows next to me. How she has developed a humour, a love of strange things, an excitement of others. She is a complete person and I made her.
As we left the cinema and caught up with the rest of my troops she clutched my hand and skipped along and we shared happy moments. The weather loomed hotter, but it didn’t matter so much as our spirits were lighter.



One thought on “Made by me.

  1. I think the same about my little girl, how amazing she is and how fascinating it is to watch her becoming her own personP

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