Asking the obvious…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Key Takeaway.”

You would think after a year of blogging I might know a few things… I know nothing. I write, that is all. I have very few followers and very few readers. I’m okay with that, but I would like to know a bit more. I learn by playing around with things, but if you have any ideas of where I can find information that might help me establish a better looking blog, one with organised pages, images, etc please feel free to send me there.
Is it confusing for followers if your writing is as random and disorganised as mine? Or do you tend to only read judging by titles and images?


10 thoughts on “Asking the obvious…

  1. You’ll get there. Building an audience of followers takes time and hard work. The WordPress classes for beginning bloggers will help a lot. One thing you can try is when you participate in the Daily Prompt, go back out to the prompt page and Like all the other entries.

    Another idea is to always include a picture or graphic with each post. Pictures draw people in. If I don’t have a picture for a blog, I’ll google the topic and grab an image from there.

    I hope that helps.

    • I’m not sure you should randomly like all the other entries if you haven’t read them and/or don’t, in fact, like them. People will begin to see you as insincere (although in the short run, here I am because you liked one of my posts).

      I suggest going back to the grid, reading several of the posts and then giving a sincere like or, better yet, comment.

  2. I’m as clueless as you actually. I’ve been struggling with my blog for about a year as well.

    I believe that writing frequent posts helps, and perhaps using images in each post makes it more attractive to readers. I always include an image in every post. Sometimes I supplement the posts with my own artwork but more often I just rely on Google images.

    I’m not really sure if random posts are a problem…perhaps if you have clear categories for the types of posts you write you might get more readers.

    I tend to judge by the content of the posts when I trawl through my Reader.

    Good luck! And if you figure out the elusive recipe for blogging success, let me know!


    • Thanks Amrita, I have started “blogging 101” with the daily post. I have already seen improvements in my stats and hopefully (if I stick with it!) I will see more.
      I can’t seem to follow your blog or read it. I’m guessing different privacy settings. What do you write about?

  3. It could be an assumption that others will find us as interesting, as we find ourselves? That’s my theory. Too may blogs are about our personal lives, even when there’s not too much definitive information present. Which is relevant, to the writer. Not so much the reader, I would say.

    I came here because you liked my blog yesterday in that Blogging 101 course. I was about to leave when one last link pulled this up and it resonated.

    I enjoy writing too. Though maybe not as much as yourself? I write mostly for my own amusement. I tend to be one of those people who comment on other blogs. Rather than write my own. Why? Rhetorical question. I do not lack for subject matter. Yet I always get the feeling that I’m being a little too self-indulgent. … Does that make sense? If it does? It’s not really any sort of comment about others.

    On a random note. I always enjoyed Mark Twain. He seems to have the knack of writing about himself without seeming to .. go figure? Ms. Key Tapping Teacher! Thanks for your “Like”.

    • Thanks for your reply. If we did not find others amusing many books would not have been written or read. I have written many things that I think at the time are mundane and boring, but I think it is up to our readers to make that decision. Our stories and lives will not resonate with everyone, but we may touch a few people and in the process we get to share a bit of ourselves. Never believe that what you write will not be interesting to others. It may not be interesting to everyone, but your stories will always touch someone, even it that person is just yourself in years to come.
      Keep writing, keep reading.
      Thanks again
      Key tapping teacher!

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