Nearly there

It has been months since my last post. I have written several entries, just not published them. Things have been hard… complicated, irritating, frustrating, challenging, unsatisfying… Which is I suppose why I haven’t posted anything. “If you don’t have something nice to say”…And all that.

So today I only feel partly guilty for not keeping up to date. You see I did not want to bore my readers with unnecessary dribble. Mind you this will not be too far from that either!

I’ve had a birthday. Two days ago. A pretty non-eventful day, but pleasant enough. This year has escaped me, that is to say it feels surreal, like some one else has lived it. But still I age and time ticks on.

We are packing up. The house here will be emptied two weeks from today. Lots to do. I will be staying here a little longer than that so that I can earn a little cash before the summer holidays, while Stu heads back with two out of the three children. I will be staying with my MIL. Fingers crossed we both survive that!

The house is quiet today as I pack belongings and sort paperwork. There is a calmness in the air, an empty calmness. Birds chirp and I long for a belly laugh with friends or a cuddle from my nieces.

Time is ticking, we are nearly there.


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