I have been working most days and when I haven’t I have been trying to organise moving, packing, paperwork etc. Even though I have been busy with this and looking after the family, there are still moments of longing. It will be school holidays here in a couple of weeks. Unlike I initially thought we will not be going back to visit. We need to save the money and do things around the house etc.
So instead of going back to Adelaide we will be taking a couple of trips to the Grampians to meet up with friends and experience the great outdoors! Not exactly France, but I will take it!

The kids have been doing really well. Enjoying school for the most part. Annalise is still waking up on a daily basis, saying she feels sick and doesn’t want to go to school. I have investigated whether there is anything bugging her at school and I have taken her to the doctors, so I have ruled out anything sinister. I think she is just tired. She has increased the frequency of asking to go back to Victor. She has suggested we get a calendar, so that we can mark off the days!

The boys are not so bothered about going back just yet. This may have something to do with their birthdays approaching rather too quickly. They are having a combined party with friends. Nothing huge, just a barbie at the park. Although they are not ready to go back, they are certainly ready for a break from school. Thomas came home from school with a migraine the other day and slept for hours. Ryan tends to have a day of rest every two to three weeks. Annalise just seems to be tired all of the time.

We have been having good weather. That makes more than the sun shine as the grey cloud lifts a little from our own heads. The weather has meant more outside time. We have been having an open fire outside on the weekends, cooking marshmallows and sausages over the fire. The kids love this.

We spent Father’s Day at Lake Pertobe, kicking the footy and eating with family. Nice to soak up the vitamin D and catch up, but I couldn’t help thinking about my family back home and what they were doing. Thinking of my own Dad and wanting to give him a hug. My sister has been great posting photos of her children and family events on facebook, I absolutely love seeing them, but my eyes prick with tears every time. I miss them all so much.

I have been focussing on renovating and looking at the cheapest easiest options to make our place look better. With the kitchen finished (aside from the floors that will be polished in a fortnight) I decided to improve the view. Initially the view was that of our neighbours windows. This was not the nicest thing to look at. So I decided to put up some privacy film up to cover the window. A couple of failed attempts to match up the pattern and I finally did it! I love the final look. Suits the rest of the house.
So I can say we are getting there. We are moving forward, but it is a slow process.

Bring on more sunshine, less wind, more work, more cash and the road home.



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