Initially Stuart was finding it hard to get work and I was struggling to get three days a week relief teaching. After a full time stint last term I was ready for a rest, but also realised that Stu still didn’t have full time work, so I would have to take as much work as I could get.
Now things are different. Stu has been working six day weeks for the past three weeks and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon. I am entering the third week of term and I have had only three school days off. So this positivity may just make the remainder of our time here a little easier… still it won’t convince us to stay, there is just too much missing from here.

Before I left I knew my family and friends were important to me, but I don’t think I knew exactly why. Yes I love them, but it is what makes me love them that makes me miss them.
It takes time to make friends, true friends, I know that, but in this stage of my life I feel I have the closest group of friends I have ever experienced. This fortunately, also means family.
I will tell you why.

It is rare to find someone that you really connect with. Sometimes you might find someone that you connect with on a particular level and you will call them friends. These people you might have coffee and a chat with, but with them you will always be guarded in conversation.

I am fortunate to have unguarded conversations with beautiful people that never sit in judgement of my actions or words. That’s not to say they can’t be critical, I mean that’s how they keep me on track. These people I can laugh with. Not just giggle, but belly laugh. These people want to spend time with me and I with them, they want to hear my opinion and I want to hear theirs. As a collective, they make me happy, because they allow me to be me, and appreciate who I am.

So… The secret is out. When I say I’m missing home, you know what I really mean.

Thank God for telephones!



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