Over half way there…

This is the first time in months where I have the house to myself, and although I have so much to do, I have neglected my blog, so here we are.

Time is slipping away quickly. We are into the seventh month of our adventure. So much has happened, yet so little. The recent highlights have been visiting family and friends back in SA. My sister has had her baby and I miss spending time with her. My Dad has been unwell and I miss seeing him and Mum, and being there for them. Still, the adventure continues, if I can still call it that… The word adventure conjures up images of fascinating scenery and expeditions over unchartered waters… Similar, not the same.

Firstly my experience as a contract teacher. I don’t think I have valued my permanent position in SA quite so much as during this time. I was full time as an English teacher, taking over a teacher that was on long service leave. Becoming familiar with the way a school runs takes time, but when you are not properly introduced to those procedures, it takes more time and more effort. That was me, floundering with the technology, the curriculum, the behavior management system… everything! Now it is over, I almost miss it. Almost. I do have a new respect for new teachers. So much information within a school is transferred via some strange form of osmosis. I also realise that the difficulties that schools are currently facing in regards to the demands on staff to produce data, and proof of teaching and learning, is a national issue. Teachers are struggling to engage increasingly more difficult classes with a larger diversity of students whilst attempting to implement the ever changing technology, and on top of that they are asked/told to prove their worth.
As an outsider looking in to this different school I could see the issues, but I could also see the positives. Going back to the school yesterday as a relief teacher I was greeted with a warmth I had not felt the whole time I was there. Maybe the holidays cheered them up, or maybe the weather has messed with their wiring. Who knows, but I know that it is a relief to have it over with, although I will miss the income and maybe some of the people.

I have never been so cold as I am here. Today there has been hail. More on the way. I realise that there are a lot colder places on earth, but I don’t care, this is ridiculous. Right now I have the heater on, yet my nose and fingertips are like ice. With a top of 11 degrees today I would love to curl up into bed and hibernate.

During the holidays I ventured back to Victor with Annalise. We caught the train. The six days I was there the sun shone. I filled up on love and warmth and then came back to Warrnambool. Now with a renewed sense of vigor I will embark on the final few months of our time here. I have painting to do, gardens to tend, boxes to repack, cupboards to clean etc. I expect now will be the time that I will find new friends and new activities to be involved in, but the decision has been made, it is final, we are coming home. Bring on December!


One thought on “Over half way there…

  1. Whoohoo! Victor Harbor hasn’t been the same without you guys!

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