getting over it.

I am getting over being over it. Time to perk up or pack up.
My first week of work was a shortened week due to public holidays. A nice way to begin a full time job after so much time off. I’m not sure that the year nine class I had at the end of my first day was such a nice way to begin… but strategies I do. By the end of the week I feel I am one all with this class. My other classes so far are attentive and responsive. I’m sure time will test that.
In a time when there is so much unrest in the world, a time when life for teenagers is ever complicated, it is strange to stumble upon a school that, at least from the initial look, seems so content driven. It seems to me that the education system is demanding so much competition between schools on their academic outcomes, that they often fail to deliver the full picture. The full person. The entire student.
I hope my first impressions are wrong. That this school cares about the welfare of its students, not only their grades. I am sure there are teachers there that care more.
I see Teachers that are overloaded, overstressed and “over it”.
It is a profession that you have to seek out positive feedback to keep yourself feeling valued. That feedback doesn’t often come from the obvious places, like leadership, but from students and other colleagues. If you allow the worst to happen, you will isolate yourself, and as a result get only negative feedback during staff meetings, where you are told as a whole staff that “you are not doing enough” that “data suggests you need to focus more on…” and “more on…” and “more on…” Until you start believing that what you do will never be enough. And so, you continue, even though with everyday your head gets closer to the floor and you feel yourself sinking.
I watch, I listen. That is what I do best. I see the faces of downtrodden teachers in every school I go into. I can see that all things positive have been leeched out of them. That all they have to give is negative. Groans. grumbles. But somewhere deep there was a desire to be an inspiration, to be the source of that spark of curiosity.

There is magic. I believe in magic. The kind that starts with a smile. I am ready to smile. I am ready to create some magic.


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