Looking up…

Life is looking up. I have worked three days this week one of the local high schools as a relief teacher. The money will be nice and getting back to the classroom is not all bad. It is interesting to look at the other side of a job. I have never really done Relief work, but here I am reading and attempting to follow the lesson plans of other teachers. It makes me appreciate the relief teacher more. To face a class you don’t know, teach them things you potential know nothing about, in a school you get lost in and where the staff don’t know you… Interesting days. I am working again tomorrow too. Today however, I found myself once again at home. Tending to a sick child and writing my husbands resume. Fun days!
I received a phone call for an interview a couple hours ago. I think it could be a good job, if I get it, we will see. the interview is not for a couple of weeks and a lot can happen in that time. Another job has popped up its head, so I will apply for that in the meantime, however more paperwork than I anticipated!

We are renovating! Going from an old 1950s renovated in the 80s kitchen, to a clean modern kitchen with ceasarstone and stainless steel turnstiles in the cupboards will be a huge change. We are hoping it will make this house easier to rent and sell in the future. In the meantime it will make life much nicer for me also. As a secondhand kitchen we didn’t spend much, but it means that Stu has had to puzzle it all together. Looking good!
No work this week. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy as not to dwell on the fact that we have no income coming in at the moment. I’ve been sewing, applying for jobs, paying bills…
I’m missing my friends and family and cannot wait to catch up with them at some stage in the holidays. Dreaming of better days

I have been looking after my creative soul this week. I went to an acting workshop run by a company from Melbourne. The workshop itself was fun, nice to be a student for a change. What really made it though was the fact that I met new people. New to me people. New to me people interested in theatre! Its a strange phenomenon being in a drama workshop, how when you begin you are guarded and separate from others, but at the end you are a group that belongs together, friends even. The power of Drama!
The following night was the performance “The Kitchen Sink” written by Tom Wells and performed by the actors that ran the workshop, from Red Stitch Actors Theatre. A cute little script about family and coping when all seems lost. I laughed at bits and had a lump in my throat at others, so I think its desired outcome was met. It was after the show that was the highlight for me.
I met up with all of the people that I had met the night before, as well as the cast. We chatted and drank and I was introduced to more people from the “scene” here in Warrnambool. I exchanged details and ideas about the future of the companies here. I gave my input and it was met with excited enthusiasm. The lead female from the show gave me her details so that I can get in touch with her about some workshops she is sure I will run here! I laughed lots, but I am encouraged to continue this journey.
I Whooped all the way home, on a natural high of hopefulness and for the first time since I came here, a sense of belonging.


2 thoughts on “Looking up…

  1. Oh, Sarah! I didn’t realise that you had written more entries. Just spent the last 20 minutes catching up and riding along with you through all those emotional highs and lows. Thanks for taking me on the ride with you. It sounds like such an amazing experience and I’m glad things are looking up. I just know you’ll find your feet. How could you not? You’re YOU! All my love to you, and to those gorgeous kiddies (and stu balls too, I guess… haha). Can’t wait for the next instalment. In the meantime, I hope your precious little soul finds some yummy food to sustain you until the perfect job comes along. Xx

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