Beginning sucks

In the past two weeks or so I have been visiting potential schools to work in as well as employment agencies. I have spoken to countless strangers about my situation, where I am from, why we are here etc. The common response has been, “it is beautiful there, why would you leave?”
This has also been the question on my mind. Why did we leave? Change creates growth, right? That has been my philosophy, at least up until recently. At the moment I am stunted in my growth. I have no room to move. I feel like I have explored every possible option for work, I have jumped through hoops and made myself known to the right people. Yet still here I am, middle of the day, sitting on my couch, waiting. Waiting for something to happen. I suppose it has given me insight into another way of life, one I am not too keen on.
On the up side, the kids are blossoming. They have all made friends and have joined sports teams, dancing schools, etc. They are happy. This is a wonderful thing, really. It causes me pain though to think I will take them away again from this new born happiness, as I can’t see myself staying here longer than the year. Of course that will depend on what happens with my work, Stu’s work and everything else.
This “period of adjustment” does suck, but it won’t last forever, I know that.
Today I drove some kids to kayaking. The water was still, the air was clean and the sun shifted behind mottled clouds. Sitting enjoying the sounds of children chattering and splashing their paddles, and even embarking on some adult conversation with other parents, I thought, “yes this will get better, it is beautiful here too”.


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