This is my second child free week. By which I mean that they are at school and I am not at work, well not paid work. Just house work at this stage, job applications and avoiding paperwork. That is one reason I am writing now. I have been cleaning in aid to avoid paperwork, bills, invoices, tax etc. Now I have half an hour left of this day before my silence is disrupted and I don’t want to spend it doing anything for anyone, but myself.
I have had a wonderful weekend full of smiles. My sister and her family came to visit.
There is something unique about a sisterly bond. It is like our thought wavelengths cross over. We are not the same, in fact very different in many different ways, but we share something that connects us. Now more than ever we are connected by our similar circumstances. She will be having her third baby in a few months and I have three children already. I have some idea of what the next 12 months have in store for her. I want to warn her, but in the end it is all wonderful and you would never want to change a thing.
I would, however, not change places with her now. With all three of mine at school, I can breath a small sigh of relief that they are slightly more independent. With this there are other responsibilities as a parent though. After school sports, teacher parent meetings, homework, friends, boundaries, hormones, and longer supermarket dockets.
I think it is a desire shared by all parents at one time or another, that desire to be responsibility free. Not forever, just for a bit. No, there will never be a time that they will be responsibility free. If only we had listened as young people that we should enjoy our responsibility days to the fullest… Oh, hang on I did!
This week I write lists of everything that needs doing and hopefully I will tick some of those off before the end of the week. On beautiful days I’d rather be down the beach, I do the responsible thing. I might have to squeeze in a walk, or a swim and of course a phone call to my sister!!
Wish me luck as I prod myself to continue the journey.


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