School holidays are great. Sleeping in, making pancakes, going out to new places, chilling out at home…
I’m sick of them.
In a town I know all of 6 people I have spent the last three weeks without Stuart at home, entertaining our kids. They are sick of each other. They are sick of doing the same thing.
That is the strange thing about being a teacher. As so many people are quick to point our, we get holidays, lots of them. Yes we do. Usually my holidays are a mixture of meeting friends for play dates and putting the kids into vacation care so I can prepare units of work for school. The work days are my days off. The days I don’t have children hanging off me asking for food or demanding attention.Those are the days I get to drink hot coffees without listening to sibling rivalry in the background. These holidays are different though.
I don’t have a job to prepare for. I didn’t want to put the kids into vacation care in a place they don’t know (and I can’t afford, because I don’t have a job), so I have my three beautiful cherubs for another two weeks. I have tomorrow sorted. Meeting one of the six I know for a play date with her children, but apart from that…?
The word “holiday” conjures up images of palm trees and crystal calm beaches. The beaches are beautiful here, but lazing reading a book is not a possibility with three kids in tow.
Whinge Whinge!
There are fruit bats here that fly over at night. Eerily they fly silently through the cloud cover, appearing out of nowhere. We have sat out the back watching them night after night. The kids eyes nearly popping out of their heads as they trace that mythical shape with their eyes. They hold torches of excitement in their faces and I happily join them, staring up at a sight I have never seen, with the wonder of a child.
We are experiencing new things. We have seen the Otways, the white dogs that protect penguin island, the edge of the world on the great ocean road, beaches and farms. We have boogie boarded, surfed, scootered, played away the holidays. We have been together and laughed, wowed and gasped. I like my family. They are good company…
We are doing the things we set out to do, but still time is moving like I am walking through jelly. If, When, I get a job, things will be different and time with tick too quickly. Until then, I should embrace the “holidays”, enjoy the pace, for it will be over too soon.


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