Christmas – new year!

So it is Christmas. We have been in Warrnambool almost a week and now the biggest day of the year, for the kids at least. Annalise is beside herself that she has got herself a furby from Santa. Thomas is not so impressed that he didn’t get an Attacknid, so there have been tears already. Mostly from me. It is terrible to feel that you have disappointed your child. Ryan, well Ryan is Ryan and is happy with anything. It will be after these full days of eating and drinking that the move will finally sink in. As we become assimilated to the environment, get jobs, start routine etc. The kids have seen there new school and I have had an interview (other jobs have been advertised that I need to apply for) and Stuart has an interview next week. Busy days, but today is all about the kids, so off I go to make up for not buying a computerised spider that shoots stuff! I think it could be lollies for breakfast!

New year

As I sat watching the Sydney fireworks last night on the TV alone, while others slept off over indulgences, I contemplated what this year will actually bring. Or perhaps what I will extract from it. My New Year’s Eve day began with a very courteous phone call from the employer I was pinning some hopes on; no longer, I didn’t get the job.
It has been years since I went job hunting and rejection is not something I am used to. I don’t feel too disheartened though, it was a job out of my range of experience, but I was looking forward to the challenge.
Looking forward is something I have had difficulty with. I had a melt down the other day, quietly, but calmed after wine. To stop so suddenly after being so busy and excited and stressed, is not as pleasurable as it might sound. Now I am here, unpacked, organised, what next? I twiddle my thumbs in anticipation and know that I can’t expect the world to come to me. It is not like we are not busy, we have been in constant motion, just not moving.
We have met with the Principal of the kids new school.
We have swam in the local pool
We have added furnishings, door handles, towel rails…
We have looked at endless option of new kitchens (with dishwasher- I miss it 😦 )
We have bought Annalise a pet rabbit with all the trimmings (of course not for eating! stop thinking like that!)
We have made resolutions about exercising more, but not actually acting on any of them yet! (Tomorrow is another day)
We have spent time with family and friends- inherited from Stuart, but mine nonetheless.
We have celebrated Christmas, New Year and New beginnings- some with cheerier outcomes than others.
Days filled with business of togetherness.

So getting back to last night; midnight, I sat checking out websites for employment and training, wondering which direction the wind will take me. Here where the wind rarely stops blowing, I could end up just about anywhere…


5 thoughts on “Christmas – new year!

  1. Darling girl, so nice to hear about the last few weeks….. Sounds like you guys are well and truly settling in, but I must say I get pangs of ‘wish she was here’ when I read it. What did Anna call her bunny? vacswim wasn’t the same without you there saving our shade and going for coffee runs with Sharon!… We are well here, boys are happy and tired, but mum is ready for school to back. Xxx

    • You all made me smile tonight, it’s been a long weekend and I really needed to hear your lovely voices. Missing you all, glad I have you in my cyber world at least! Xxx

  2. Missing you! Xx Don’t worry, work will come.

  3. Can’t wait to hear about your year of adventure!!

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