Get set… Go!

Almost there as I say goodbye to my sister and brother, knowing I will chat, Skype,FaceTime, email, probably even before I get there. We spent our last hour together talking of bad mispronunciations of words like arksed, ezacly and probly. Of course none of us are guilty of such crimes…
We also understand that phone calls cost as much as coffee and cake, so saving the calories and still having a decent catch up is worth it. We talk so much crap, but it makes me smile, we are very similar. I love them anyway.
I head off at 5am tomorrow. Mum and dad will see me off as I begin my almost solo journey of eight hours (Annalise and the cockatiel, Screechy, will be with me)! Dad has the coffee ready and mum has plans for breakfast, all I need to do now is sleep…

I would not recommend travelling so far alone. I managed the first few hours okay, thinking about all of the things that will need doing once I get there. However after I had exhausted all possible outcomes of furniture placement and lists of phone calls that I need to place, my mind began to drift. With Christmas carols booming, the bird and Annalise joining in, I managed to keep alert for a bit longer. It was about the sixth hour that I began slapping myself to keep awake so that we would safely reach the next town. It was then that I received a phone call. It was from a potential employer ringing me for an interview time. With a new sense of purpose and a little adrenaline, I continued on my journey excited again with the possibilities that lie ahead.


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