Haven’t left yet…

I don’t plan to write daily, but I do want to write as it happens, therefore I want to get these posts to you, as I wrote them then and not now, but I think they may still be of interest. I’ll post another oldy tomorrow and by the end of next week things will be current and I will write maybe weekly.

I have just returned, from a night out with my girls. I call them that because we have been friends for coming on 12 years. They all know me better than, well let’s say, most. We have born our children together, camped, drank, partied, drank, cried, drank, danced and laughed together for most of that time! I love them. I know we will always remain friends, but tonight I said goodbye to them for a while. I’m not sure when I will see them, but they are so special to me, it won’t matter how long it is, we will pick up where we left off.

Grief is an interesting emotion, especially in this instance. Sad, happy, sort of. Emotions escape in an often undesirable way. Tonight I held it quite well…then they left.

A blubbering mess howled for a while in her empty house, blew her nose and got on with it.

Tomorrow brings more housework, cleaners and cutters of trees as well as visits from small children. Almost ready to go, but not quite!


One thought on “Haven’t left yet…

  1. Thanks Sarah, love hearing about your adventures! Xx

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